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DuPont Corian Signs for Commercial and Architectural Applications

DuPont Corian Signs for Commercial and Architectural Applications


Reducing the cost of ownership clearly provides more value over time than the savings realized using less expensive materials for commercial projects. For Northwind Associates the best value and most versatile materials used in the industry to produce signs for commercial properties has always been Dupont Corian. Traditionally Corian is known as a counter top material used in both residential and commercial kitchens. Over the years the use of Corian has continued to expand as a substrate for signs, an architectural material and it is often used in the manufacture of furniture. Corian can be dye-sublimated, thermally formed, CNC machined and Laser Engraved. The options available and the long exterior service life of Corian makes it an excellent choice for a wide variety of projects. Often the simplicity of a particular technique can reduce the cost of fabrication which can make a more expensive material an excellent value. Consider the animated picture on the left, the time associated with this very simple process is reduced by over 50% and the quality of the completed project is far superior to many of the more traditional designs.  In an exterior application this sign will last for approximately 50 years. Maintenance costs over the signs lifespan are minimal as the process of refreshing the painted area is as simple and quick to employ as you see in the original fabrication procedure. A substrate material, that the color remains consistent through the thickness of the material is a key element in the extended service life of this sign.


Another mechanical advantage using solid surface materials is that the thicker material allows the use of keyholes to be machined on the back of each sign. Interior or exterior signs can be secured in place without the use of adhesives or double sided tape which has a limited lifespan and a beautiful routed edge detail is possible. Damage to this sign whether it is intentional or an act of nature is easily and inexpensively repaired. The text and any graphics involved are machined deep enough to allow this sign to be refreshed many times over its service life.