Quality Commercial Signs


Commercial Sign Construction by Northwind Associates

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after low pricing is forgotten. ~ Benjamin Franklin


Once design needs are addressed and the requirements are met for a given project, it is time to bring it to life in our unique and specialized fabrication process. We start with quality materials, an eye to details and a mind for tight deadlines. While we do often produce signs on many types of wood, plastics and acrylics when circumstances call for these types of materials, where Northwind truly distinguishes ourselves is with DuPont Corian.


Many building professionals already know this revolutionary material for counter top applications in kitchens and bathrooms. They may even know of its lasting quality, versatility and repairs that this miracle material lends to in these conventional uses. What most do not know is that DuPont Corian is a dream come true in the hand of a master sign maker. Master sign makers like Northwind Associates.


DuPont Corian comes in hundreds of color and color combinations. It can easily be cut and engraved and even sculpted into remarkable lasting works that look great and last. Because of Corian’s unique chemical composition it is perfect for commercial building uses even in hospitals and for use in ADA (America Disabilities Act) signs. One of our biggest selling points for DuPont Corian is its ability to be painted and resurfaced many times making renewal of our signs very economical. Northwind Associates builds great looking, long lasting signs that can be resurfaced for years to come.